Part 8: My birthdays.

This page is dedicated to my birthday parties and will evolve over time. Check in on May 12 every year to observe progress.

May 12, 2004: Here I am at my very first birthday party. Everybody turned up and were served a really nice chocolate mousse cake. I was allowed to sit at the table for the first time and felt really important. I got birthday presents too, two squeeky toys - one looking like a hot dog with mustard - and a collar that will protect me from ticks all summer. I don't care much for chocolate mousse cake and had my own - pate de foie with dog food (lamb and rice), sliced links and a candle. I finshed the whole thing off in under one minute. Yummy! Wish my servant would serve me real food like this every day, but he says I am overweight at 9,2 kilos and threatens to put me on a diet. Me! Diet!!!! No way! Hah!
May 12, 2005: My second birthday and everybody turned up again to celebrate me. The humans ate ice cream cake this year and my servant had prepared a delicious sausage cake with liver paste for me. I finished it off in nano-seconds as soon as I had blown the candles out. That was easy enough. It was only half size this year. After the cake, I had to lick my nose and devote my attention to the birthday gifts. Lots of them this year too. Two squeeky toys to sink my teeth into. Yummy! Plus two pig's ears and a whole bag of dried liver. Not bad. Now, all I have to do is to wait a year. How long is that I wonder. Not sure.
May 12, 2006: My third birthday and as usual everybody turned up to celebrate and give me gifts. The humans ate ice cream cake as always and my servant had prepared the traditional sausage and liver paste cake, which I finished off in nano-seconds as soon as I had blown the candles out. My working mate Elvis took the opportunity to celebrate his 1st birthday. He is actually born on the 7th of May, but who would miss the opportunity to partake in my massive celebration? Note his elegant bow-tie, which went well with his otherwise formal attire.
May 12, 2007: As expected everybody turned up to celebrate my 4th birthday and give me gifts. Notice the elaborate squeeky toy that I got. Its snout and tail extend when you bite it, until I bit the snout off that is. My servant had prepared the traditional sausage and liver paste cake, which I finished off in nano-seconds as soon as I had blown the four candles out. I also got a big bag of dog biscuits, which you can see to the left. This is what the humans ate. An incredibly expensive raspberry and peach mousse cake. I was told that it cost the equivalent of two months worth of dog food. Look delicious, doesn't it? But all I got out of it was the chance to lick one of their plates. Who needs dog food? I would have been very happy if they had let me have my birthday cake to myself and would gladly have starved for two months.
May 12, 2008: As usual a huge crowd turned up to celebrate me on my 5th birthday. My servant had prepared the traditional liver paste cake decorated with tasty dog biscuits. And as usual I finished off in nano-seconds. The poor humans had to share a white chocolate mousse cake. I felt really sorry for them. Not even a cake for each.... I also got a package with squeeky toys and chewing bones, which I opened all by myself by turning the gift wrapper into small shreds. Great fun! The thing looking like a baseball seems to be edible. I will give it my best try as soon as I have room for it.
May 12, 2009: My sixth bithday was a more formal affair with a candlelit sit-down dinner of dainty and delicious danish open faced sandwiches for the humans and paté with meat balls for me. Lots of edible gifts as usual. Should keep me going for a year. (Sorry about the picture quality. My servant had forgotten to charge his camera, so it comes from the mobile phone of one of the guests.) Just look at my birthday icecream cake. Custom made and beautifully decorated with six candles and all. Tiramisu, cassata and raspberry sherbet. Yummy! Everybody had two servings, including myself.
May 12, 2010: My seventh birthday was just like my sixth - a candlelit sit-down dinner with gigantic open faced shrimp sandwiches for the humans and liver paté with meat balls and delicious sausages for me. Another custom made birthday icecream cake, this time with seven candles and all. Yummy!
May 12, 2011: My eighth birthday was celebrated in grand style with a candelit dinner. Danish open faced sandwiches for my human fan club and for me a cake of liverpaté and meatballs. Yummy! Got a new squeeky toy to my huge collection. As always, a custom made birthday icecream cake with eight candles. This time caffe d'oro and cassata flavoured with blackberry sherbet decoration. Helped cleaning up afterwards by licking all plates sparkling clean.