Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 1.

Stockholm has turned out to be overpopopulated by strange creatures of all kinds. I bump into lot of them when I take my servant and his staff out for walks. They seem happy to get the chance to talk to other dog servants and I can always sniff the dogs while they are at it.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 1 covering the period July 19 - 25. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

Bumped into Morris in the street. He is a Welsh Corgi, much bigger than me. So I used the step of a porch to face him eye to eye. After that I got even higher up and stepped on his face, just to show who's in charge. He didn't seem to mind. No balls! What a sissy! This is Kata, a 15 years old female Puli, a Hungarian sheep dog with a tragic story. She had a stroke a few months back and is slowly recuperating. But she still has no hearing. I really felt sorry for her. Is she sleeping with curlers, do you think?
This is Goochi, a street crossing. You know what I mean: "A frantic tumble and a shy goodbye" as Evita sang in the musical. Father unknown. What can I say? And not too friendly either. This is Nisse, a four-way crossing between God knows what. Rhino, lion, Irish Wolfhound and St Bernhard is my guess. He is the size of a small car, but seems very gentle. We met at the communal poo-container. Luckily, my stuff was in first. After Nisse has done his thing, there won't be room for anything else.
Foiled again! My busybody for a servant thinks he is also my lifeguard. I had everything figured out. Present myself as an unsuspecting victim of the huge cat in the background. And then, as he makes his move, go for the kill, have cat for breakfast and his guts for garters. But I was swept off the ground just as the cat made his run for me. Shit! This is Buffy, a Coton de Tulear luxury dog from Madagscar. She had TWO (2) servants waiting upon her, one big and one small! WOW! And she was running around without a leash at a MacDonalds outdoor place, chasing pidgeons with great success. When I grow up, I think I will try to be like Buffy.
This is Bruno, a male Boston terrier. I put my feet on his neck to show who is calling the shots in this town and his servant had to prevent him forcibly from running off. No balls! What a sissy! Added: Met Bruno again a day later. This time he had gathered his wits and stepped on me. I take everything back. What a guy! This is Jojo, a Shipperke from Belgium. She is a specialist in watching over canal barges and - like me - killing rats. Can't figure out what she was doing on a Stockholm street. No water and no barges in sight. Vacation?
Met a couple of dogs on the bus today on the way back home. We were never properly introduced, but I was happy to notice that I am not the only dog forced to travel by city bus rather than limo. This is Limerick, a Softcoated Wheaten Terrier. Stepped on his neck and he didn't mind. Another no-balls sissy. They call him Limpan. That really says it all, doesn't it?

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