Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 10.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 10, covering the days September 11 to 15. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

Met Nisse on the bus on the way back home. He is a four months old Golden Retriever and was underneath the seat behind me. Space was cramped, but puppies can play everywhere, so we got going and went on until it was time for Nisse to get off. Next morning I bumped into Betty, a Labrador puppy just as I stepped out for my morning pee (see puddle top right). We played for quite a while, to the disgust of dignified Wilma, the TV-celebrity, who was watching us from just outside this picture.
Later the same day, I met Ajax on my way home. He is a six months old Softcoated Wheaten Terrier and we played like crazy for a quarter of an hour, until we were both exhausted. (But a few minutes later I bumped into Bus the Bichon puppy and we played like crazy for another ten minutes. After that I slept through the evening.) This is Torsten, an Irish Setter puppy about my age. Bumped into him on the way home. We played for a while, but there were lots of other dogs around, which we had to check out.
They look angry, but were really very nice - and unusual too, at least in Sweden. Ravi and Budda are Japanese Chins. Played with Ravi until we were completely exhausted. Budda was contemplating the whole thing passively. I like this lively Springer Spaniel and tried to charm him with my usual winning manners.
The huge Labrador checking out my rear is TB, so called because they thought he looked like a "tullebulle" when he was a puppy. I think it might mean "cutie" or something like that, but any reader with better knowledge is welcome to drop me a line. Election Day and everybody went to the polls to vote Yes or No to Sweden joing the European Monetary Union. Betty and I weren't registered voters, so we fought it out just outside the polling station instead. Great fun. Wish there were referendums every day!
On the way back from the polls, I chased Cuccino, a huge Boxer, up onto a bench. He had seen me fighting it out with Betty and didn't want to risk anything, I guess. Election days are fun! Everybody is out with their dogs, so this is when you get to meet really unsusual and interesting ones. This is a Bedlington Terrier, the first I have ever met.
Harry is a wirehaired Jack Russel and a really fun guy. Met him on my way home on election day and we tumbled around for quite a while. Here is Lena, a Springer Spaniel who like to have her picture taken. I like her servant, who gave me goodies.

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