Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 12.

Stockholm has turned out to be overpopopulated by strange and sickly creatures. I bump into lot of them when I walk my servant and his staff. They seem happy to get the chance to talk to other dog servants and I can always sniff the dogs while they are at it.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 12, covering the days from September 22 to October 5. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

Bumped into Muskot, who looks like a small Berner Sennel but is actually something else. Can't remember what, but he was a nice acquaintance. Met Cornelis, my first Shar Pei on the way to school. He looks quite frightening but turned out to be very friendly.
Vera is a 4 months old Bichon who lives up the street from the office. She is into fashions and wore a red striped T-shirt. She is much smaller than I am, so I rolled her over with little effort. She tried the same with me, but without much success. On my late night walk on the same evening, I bumped into Torsten who is 12 weeks old and 75% flatcoated Dachshund, 25% Drever. Torsten has yummy ear flaps and we tumbled around for a good quarter of an hour until exhausted.
I slept well after the nocturnal playing with Torsten, only to awake with Betty waiting for me in the park. We have played before, but this time she stood her ground firmly and I couldn't manage to turn her over, only nibble her ears. Oliver, the first Pug Dog I have ever met - and in an unusual all black version. Fredrik of Hessen was king of Sweden from 1721 to 1751. He was German and never bothered to learn Swedish, except for one word: "mops", the Swedish word for Pug Dogs. That's what he said when he wanted his courtiers to fetch him his pugs.
Met Tsuki on a Sunday morning walk. Tsuki is Japanese for "moon". Very appropriate, for his face looks a bit like the moon when you look at him from straight ahead. He is an Akita and has incredibly beautiful fur. Ready for exhibition, but he is a bit small and finished only second last time. Later in the day, I decided to take my servant to the dog enclosure in a nearby park. There I met Pigge, who is a Jack Russel and Jack, who looks like a Reisenschnauzer but is actually a three-way crossing between Poodle, Labrador and Rottweiler. Here I am trying to escape their eager attentions.
There were lots more dogs in the enclosure. The impressive German Shepherd is named Ökker and just behind him is Akita, a Siberian Husky. I have to admit, that I didn't feel completely safe at this moment, but they turned out to be OK. Jack can be spotted in the background. Akita knows a fantastic trick, she can jump onto the top of a tree stump, a meter up. Other than the giant barking and howling dogs, I also found Elling, a Bichon Frisée and Charlie, a four months old Softcoated Wheaten Terrier. His servant was laden with goodies of the most luxurious kind, as we found out very quickly. You can't fool dogs about these serious matters.
Charlie turned out to be a really fun guy (well, for a dog just four months old, that is. I am almost five, remember?). Here we are wrestling away, having lots of fun. On my way to the office to update this site, I bumped into this beautiful Cairn Terrier. Her name is Selma Victoria and she has recently moved into the block next to the office. She is the first adult brindle-colored Cairn I have ever met. We are 3rd cousins. Her father is also the father of my paternal grandmother. Notice how beauty runs in the family.

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