Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 2.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 2 covering the period July 25 - 29. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

At long last a real hombre with real cojones! Mico, a crossing between a Jack Russel terrier and a Papillon. Note the elegant plumage. Did my usual act and put my feet on his back.... ... but he just tossed me into the gutter. I like it rough and really love this guy. Gotta figure out a way to attract him. I think I want to have his puppies. Maybe I should wait in the gutter for him every day?
Now THIS is what I call a hound! Nothing limp or sissy about this guy. Bumped into him outside the office and our meeting stopped all pedestrian traffic. His name is Westmount Devil and he is an Irish Wolfhound, the world's biggest race. He was on a temporary visit to Stockholm, where he will participate in a wolfhound exhibition this weekend. It was really nice of Devil to lie down for my sake. Quote an effort too, judging from his ponderous movements. I got my afternoon constitutional just walking around him, sniffing. Devil needs two servants just to carry his food. I wonder if I'll be as big as this when I grow up. Remind me not to skip any meals. Observe that I didn't step on his back. Seemed inappropriate somehow. And potentially risky.
This is Trulsa, a Welsh terrier. Met her on my way home after a long and arduous working day. She was curly and friendly. This is Rufus, a wirehaired dachshund. We were both more interested in a curly-haired dachshund across the street, and were never properly introduced.
Met Sharon on my way to work. She is a border collie. Tried to steal a stick she had found, but she growled at me, so we got off on the wrong foot. Bitch! Smilla, a Labrador retriever was far more friendly, but then, she had no stick that I could steal. That might have made some difference.
Stockholm is swarming with wirehaired Dachshunds. This is Actor, who is working in an office in the next block. He is just one year old, and was a lot more interested in my behind than my pretty face. Strange guy, but very macho. This is Groa, yet another wirehaired Dachshund. Her job is to guard the entrance to a hairdresser, to prevent male dogs from entering. Did my usual domination stuff, but she didn't like it. I did manage to flap her left ear, though. Hehe!
This is Benji, a Bichon Frisé. Well - not so frisé actually. His servant hasn't brushed him up to the right fluffy look, so he was embarassed to meet me. Julia and I decided to stop all traffic to say hello. She is a crossing between a Newfoundland and a Labrador. An elegant elderly lady.

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