Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 4.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 4 covering the period August 3 - 10. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

My first Berner Sennel friend. Strange name: Pajas, which is Swedish for "Clown". Can't see anything clownish about this impressive dog. A real gem in my collection of strange and unusual dogs - Griffith, an Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier. Not in the picture: his wife. Looks like a Norfolk, but bigger.
Here's the first Beagle I have ever met. He sniffed my behind and turned away. He is not the first. Have I been neglecting my intimate hygiene? Hmmm.... My servant forgot his name. Again! This is Max, a Norwich terrier. I am told I will be about the same size and shape as Max when I grow up. Observe my new trick for getting friendly with male dogs. They really seem to like it.
Here is Mollie, a crossing between wheaten Labrador and Border Collie. Not too interested in me, her servant had to hold her for this picture to be taken. She may have had her eyes on Herman -------> Herman, a Softcoated Wheaten Terrier has a really nice trick. When he gets tired of walking, he takes the leash between his teeth and leads his servant home. Very impressive! I'll do the same when I get bigger.
A nocturnal meeting with Sigge, a small Schnauzer. Impressive moustaches! He lives in the same block, so we'll be seeing a lot of each other. Here is Lia, my first Chow-Chow. Makes me think of food. A dignified lady, with a really beautiful furcoat.
Tried my new trick again and managed to impress Jesper, the first Poodle I have ever met. He really went for it and I know we'll get along just fine. Bumped into Tessie outside the office. She is an 11-weeks old Welsh Springer Spaniel out looking for birds to fetch. I am much older, almost 13 weeks by now, so I had her on her back in no time at all.
Rolle and I were waiting for the same bus today. He is a Jack Russell terrier and absolutely hates cats. When a cat arrived in a cage, he barked until the owner fled in a taxi. Not bad! He also scared the living daylights out of a biker. Great guy! Ernst Rolf a.k.a. "Ernsta", a 10 week old Golden Retriever named after a famous Swedish entertainer in the 1930ies, has two servants. TWO! One to carry his poo bag and one to carry HIM!!!! Can you believe it? He lives a couple of blocks away and has convinced his servants that his bone structure is too frail to walk, so they carry him to a lush park. I am hardly ever carried. Life is sooo unfair!

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