Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 7.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 7 covering the period August 17 - 25. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

This is Anton, an elderly Cocker Spaniel gentleman who has arthritis and walks with a limp. Tried to cheer him up, but to no avail. Met this very lively Boxer and performed my usual play-dead act. It worked as always.
My first love and I think I may have broken his heart. His name is Pessere, which means 'little boy' in Farsi. He is mainly a Bichon Frisé with some Poodle in him. He licked my ears and my back and had to be dragged away from me, crying. Observe how I finally got even with Rocco (see above) and manage to impress Mini at the same time. She is a West Highland Terrier who lives together with Benji (above) and share the same servant with him.
Elvis - my first Riesenschnauzer. Fortunately just a puppy. I am told these guys get really big when they grow up. Stood my ground as you can see. Another girlie meet. Didi, in the foreground is a Basset Griffon Vendée. The poodle in the background is Tuss, who is deaf and almost blind, poor thing.
This is a very unusual dog. Never seen one quite like this before. Not very friendly either. He has been on the run for 2 weeks and is now on short leash. Morris, yet another Bichon not so Frisé. An elderly gentleman who sniffed me and turned away. In disgust? Not a good morning for me.
Here is Tin Tin a 9 weeks old Bearded Collie. Stepped on her back, but didn't manage to roll her over. I even showed her how to do it, but no.... Silly dog! Met this French Bulldog briefly, but she was not interested in me at all.
This medium Schnauzer completes my collection of Schnauzers. We met by the Ice Cream clown as you can see. Not nearly as interested in me as his servant. Bazotti, a really small Shi Tzu. He just looks like a puppy but is really an adult.

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