Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 8.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 8 covering the period August 25 - 31. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

Here is Manfred, a Cairn terrier just like me. But hear this: Manfred HAD JUST EATEN A HAMBURGER! Yes, you heard! A HAMBURGER! Manfred gets hamburgers!!! I get dog food. Here he is waiting for French fries. All I got was some of his water. Life is totally, totally unfair! How can I grow big on dog food? I am asking you! WOW! A real life celebrity! The most famous dog in Sweden - Wilma - known from countless appearences on TV4's Saturday morning news show. She is sick and tired of all puppies sucking up to her to get into TV, so she growled at me. Pity she didn't bite me. I could have shown the scars to other dogs and become a local hero - "Wilma did this".... When I grow up I'll be a TV-star too.
See that little black thing down there? It's Stella, a Toy poodle. She can do incredible tricks like jumping from stone to stone in great leaps. One more Wilma. This one is a Great Dane. She was a bit scary at first because of her size, but said hello in a friendly manner.
This is Pekka, some sort of Spaniel mixture. He was looking at Wilma the Great Dane (above), while I was sniffing his you-know-what. Here is Remus, named after one of the two wolves that founded Rome. He is a border terrier.
Another gem in my collection of truly unsual dogs - Brel, named after Jacques Brel, the Belgian singer and song writer. He is a Bouvier de Flandre and one of only 70 such dogs in Sweden. Here on his way to a convenience store to buy beer. I guess that is what Belgian dogs do. Bom-ta-ta, bom-ta-ta.... Took a swing around the sidewalk with this lively Bichon-not-so-frisé in my arms. He took a real liking to me, but is kind of weird. He went around to my back and made some strange movements. What was all that about? His name is Pajas (clown).
Kissing Ceasar, an impressive Collie. I am really going for this guy and he seems to like me. If I could get to be Ceasar's wife, I guess I will be above all suspicion from then on. That could come in really handy at times (see the poo page) I thought dachshunds were omnipresent, but they are rare compared to Bichons. The town is just swarming with them. This is Morris, who wasn't terribly interested. Otherwise, male Bichons tend to go for me full speed ahead.
Worked up all the guts I have and said hello to Romie, a 10 months old Rottweiler. She turned out to be very friendly and didn't eat me. Another Golden Retriever. Can't remember the name, but a nice acquaintance.

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