Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 9.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 9 covering the period September 2 - 9. Links to other pages are found at the bottom of this page.

Bichon Frisées are poised to take over this town. Swarms of them. Everywhere! It will be like Hitchcock's "The birds" but with little fluffy white dogs instead of crows. Here I am saying hello to Bus (Swedish for Mischief), with Vitan (Whitie) looking on and having her rear checked by a fluffy Bichon Havanaise. Here is Punto, the first Dalmatian I have ever met. He works as assistant manager at an hotel. Dalmatians are really strange dogs. Not just the black spots on white fur, but the fact that they are one-eyed and grow a tail on their foreheads. Really weird if you ask me. Stared him into the eye, but he didn't blink.
Went to the vet and met a pretty unusual dog in the waiting room - a Danish/Swedish Farm dog puppy in for his shots. They are rare up in Stockholm, but fairly common in Denmark and the southernmost part of Sweden, which used to belong to Denmark until 1658. Here is Sensi, the first Afghan I have ever met. Very stylish fur and suberb sense for scents. It took her a millisecond to sniff out the goodies that my servant keeps in his pocket for me. But I was happy to share.
Two more for my collection on unsual dogs - German Hunt Terriers. These two are just puppies and will grow bigger, but not all that much. They look just like miniature Dobermann Pinschers. But hear this: These tiny dogs hunt wild boar! I wouldn't go near one myself, but they do. After a while they decided I was a wild boar and started barking at me, so I made a dignified retreat. Look at this little thing! Dockan (The doll) - an adult, but not much bigger than I am. He is a Shi Tzu from China, specialized in guarding temples. At first, she ran off, but after that she gathered her wits and started playing with me. She is great fun and we've been playing like crazy.
Moldy is a Mini Schnauzer and has had puppies twice. She is into teaching puppies manners. I don't like manners, so we didn't hit off well. Rex is a really fun guy. I just wish he didn't drool so much. Observe his beautiful fur, almost as pretty as mine.
This is Pricken (Dot), a toy poodle. She ran off as soon as I wanted to play. Another no-balls sissy. This is Tiger, a distinguished Cairn gentleman and a distant relative. One of my ancestors came from the same kennel. Not nearly as interested in puppies as his servant, unfortunately. But the first adult brindle-colored Cairn I've met so far.
Here is Hamilton, a Labrador retriever of impressive dimensions. Very friendly, but he had been playing football in a park for hours and was exhausted when this picture was taken. Look at that tongue! Tass (Paw) is a flatcoated Collie, the first I have ever met. Have you ever seen such strange fur? Lively and playful though, but what is that strange thing between his legs? I have seen them before, but can't figure out what they are used for.

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