Part 2:Casing the joint and settling into a dog's life.

As it turned out, I was assigned a suite of well appointed rooms and a private manservant. But no airconditioning. I did find the polished metal foot of a big lamp though, and that allowed me to chill my tummy. Lots of books about puppies here. The best one is Royal Canin's "Book on puppies". Not only does it have more pages on food than any of the others, the binding is a great bite in itself. Very tasty.
Another great bite between meals. My manservant lays out a sumptuous buffet meal three times a day so I am beginning to rethink my attitude towards slavery. I also managed to sink my teeth into the servant's 75% discount card with Best Western Hotels. I don't want him to go anywhere and am sorry that he stopped me before it had been properly shredded.
This is the strangest dog I have ever seen - not that I have seen that many. It doesn't bark, yap, whine or move. Not a sound, not one inch. So I have decided to tow it around the place using its tail as towing cable. Great fun.!
Here we are. The only thing that remains is to turn it over and start shredding. On the way. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode.
The strange dog had a ridiculous golden sash tied around its neck. I pulled it off and wrapped it around myself. Looks much better on me, doesn't it? Shredding has begun This is a big job and will require weeks, even months to complete. But I am resolved and shall not fail.
Demolition is hard work and I need all the food I can get in order to gain strength. Here, another buffet meal laid out. I usually need 10 seconds to finish them off, but my personal record is 5 seconds. Not bad, huh? After lunch I came upon this very well fed ring pidgeon. It is not a city bird but belongs in forests and has no business in a city park. It took off about 5 milliseconds after this picture was taken thanks to me. Another near kill.
Santa Claus turned up at the office tody. He keeps his beard short during summer and was dressed in civvies. He said he was an avid reader of this website. With only 5 months to go to Christmas, I thought it best to suck up to him and licked his beard. That seemed to make him happy. Who knows, maybe he'll give me a squeeky toy for Christmas. It will drive my servant nuts. I took my servant for a walk and we stumbled across these poor people who turned out to be friends of his. They are destitutes and were sitting on a porch outside an office, waiting for bypassers to toss them a coin. I felt sorry for them and I licked their faces to cheer them up.
The 200-page 2004 IKEA catalogue arrived today. I don't need any new furniture, but I did need a new and tasty book to sink my teeth into. I also needed a change from my really big demolition job - the strange silent dog in the living room. Got something in my ear, an infection followed and had to go and see the vet. Just for the record: I don't like it when they pour things into my ears. I DON'T LIKE IT! Got the message?
I dont like it when they fiddle around with my ears either. This time I was taken off guard - didn't know what was coming. But if my servant thinks he can put 5-10 drops of anything into my ears for the next two weeks, he must be out of his mind. That WILL NOT happen! Dream on! This picture should really be in the "Meeting strange creatures" department, but the man is a judge and I thought he might not like to be referred to as a creature, so I put the picture here instead. Met him at a dinner party where he was playing with me. Nice guy!
This is a recent picture of myself taken on Sep 28 2003, when I am 4½ months old and newly trimmed at a beauty parlor for the first time. Thought you might want to see it. I enjoy watching it anyway. Pretty, ain't I? I don't like to see my servant with his feet on the furniture, so I am occupying his footstool. Met Captain Archie at a dinner party. They told me he commands submarines. I was hungry, so I snuggled up to him hoping to get a sub. But in vain! Wonder where he keeps them.
Wednesday October 22 and there was some strange white stuff on the streets, that I have never seen before. The taste was ok, though and I ate as much as I could. It was all gone by the time I did my afternoon walk. Wonder why. Strange.... My servant went AWOL on a business trip abroad and I had to spend the night at the controller's place. She had arranged it well for me with a playmate called Bamse (bottom left) and one called Rabalder (top right). He is the biggest dog I have ever met, and I thought he was a bit too big. But I played with Bamse for five hours until I collapsed from exhaustion and threw up. A great day!