It is my sad duty to report that Lisa died peacefully in her sleep early this morning Sunday May 5, 2013, just one week from her 10th birthday and at least five years before her time. She was her usual sprightly self until lunchtime Friday, but began to vomit in the afternoon. On Saturday she couldn't even keep sugary and salted water down and walked terribly slowly during the 7 pm walk. She refused to walk during the 10:30 pm walk. She was up vomiting at 1 am and 3 am tonight. When I woke up at 7 am she was next to me and had stopped breathing without as much as a whimper. There will be an autopsy performed, so that all her many fans and I may learn the reason for her totally unexpected death.
Lisa's much bereaved chronicler
Jan Rencke

My registered name is Drumbolds Thora, but everybody seems to call me Lisa for some reason that I cannot quite understand. Some even call me "Pussenuttan" after I have licked their faces. That name is even stranger. You'd have to be a Swede to figure it out. I am a Cairn terrier and was born on May 12, 2003. I have a pedigree as long as your arm, filled with Swedish, Norwegian, Danish and British champions. That seems strange to me, since I am a dog and not a mushroom. Haven't quite figured that out yet.

This site will chronical my life and accomplishments from Wed July 17 2003, when I was sold into life long slavery and had to move from my tranquil rural surroundings in northern Sweden to a noisy big city, which the humans call Stockholm. They say there are many other dogs there. Let's see if I like them. If I don't I will probably bark at them. At least if they are not too big.

Part 1: Sold into slavery.

My early life was pleasant and joyful. We played, ate and slept. Here we are munching away, all four of us. My brother Drumbold's Thyson to the right, me next and then my two sisters Thyra and Thilda to the left. Playing and eating is exhausting, so we did a lot of sleeping. I am top left on this picture and we were about five weeks old when it was taken. Little did I know what was about to happen.
This is how it all started. They got hold of me and strapped a leather collar around my neck to show that I was now a slave. Note the signed purchase documents on the table. They didn't even bother to hide them. Here is the smoking gun. Proof of the shameful cash transaction that took place, which transformed me from a free puppy to a slave, forced to work for nothing more than food and lodging. Both miserable, I shouldn't wonder.
Hmmm... A brand new chauffered SAAB limo with much needed airconditioning - it was really hot outside. Not quite the Amistad I had been expecting. The red car behind us turned out not to be from the police, as I had hoped. The journey was endless (560 kms - 400 miles) and I got car sick. So they stopped at a pharmacy and got something that they mixed into my water. I must say, that these people do take good care of their slaves. But then, slaves are expensive property.
I felt a lot better after that and managed to get some sleep in my private sleeping compartment. It was well equipped with fluffy towels and fully airconditioned. I was given fresh water during one of the rest stops. The humans were fiesting away on delicious open faced sandwiches, but I suppose water is the only thing a slave can expect.
During another rest stop I was given the chance to shred some rhubarbs to pieces. I hate rhubarb and was happy to get this opportunity. I also dealt with some other greenery that was in my way. Ruthless efficiency is my trade mark.