Part 4: Assorted notes on peeing and pooing.

OK, here's the story. When I need to go, I need to go. It's as simple as that. Instant relief and instant pleasure, that's my religion. I take these things philosophically and may even write a book about it. "Poo according to Tao" seems like a good title.

Notice how I have enhanced the color of the worn old parquet floor. A definite improvement. My servant looked a bit pained, but he is polite and wiped up without a word. He is actually just a lazy bum, who wants me to do it outdoors, so he won't have to wipe up. It is so difficult to find good domestic staff these days. Don't you agree? This is what I call achievment. Having laid two substantial cables in the street during two separate morning walks, I recalled that I hadn't paid tribute to the dining room carpet yet. So, with a superhuman effort, I managed to squeeze out a bit more just as we were on our way to work. Didn't know I had it in me. My servant muttered something about me being so full of something. Couldn't quite make out what he was saying, though.
Otherwise, the wall to wall carpet in the entrance hall is my favourite. It has just the right look and feel. Poo is really difficult to spot on this carpet because of its pooish color, so with a bit of luck, someone may even step in it. (Hehehe!) Doing it outdoors can be a nice change. I get fresh air, a chance to meet other dogs and also a small piece of delicious Frolic. I have found that the middle of the street is a good place. Clean and comfortable and a chance to stop traffic.