Part 7. My relatives.

This is my family album, where I have begun to collect pictures of my relatives. I have one brother, two sisters, 12 half brothers and 12 half sisters. (Yes, my father has been s****ing around quite a bit.) But I love him anyway.

My pedigree:
Yup. I have a pedigree. Very impressive too. Just take a look at all my British, Danish and Swedish ancestors and note that Robert de Niro, Frank Zappa, Janis Joplin, Ray Charles and Simon Templar are among them.

Rasken's Reach the Top
Vanajam Bon Voyage
Vanajam Norse Voyger
Beaudesert Royal Viking
Penticharm Silver Rocket GBCH
Uniquecottage Fire Fairy
Vanajam Gypsy's Crystal Ball Penticharm Silver Rocket GBCH
Vanajam Gypsy Lady
Vanajam Royalist Beaudesert Royal Viking
Penticharm Silver Rocket GBCH
Uniquecottage Fire Fairy
Monary Saucy's Goldfinch for Vanajam Heshe Buddies Dan Dooley
Saucy Miss of Monary GBCH
Rasken's Respectable Robyn
Rasken's Robinson Crusoe
Rasken's Robbie Robinson
Rasken's Robert de Niro
Rasken's Randie Howard SUCH
Tribuns Yrsa Rasken's Rodney SUCH
Tribuns Ronja Rövardotter
Rasken's Respectable Danish Design
Pennypop's Perfect Martini
Rasken's Ray Charles SUCH
Funnyline Mss Millie Av Lindcoly
Pitcairn's Peggy Lee
Rasken's Reebok
Picairn's Iquita DKCH
Drumbold's Pigga Kajsa Madicken's Higgins
Tribuns Enrico Ferrari
Tribuns Busy As A Bee
Sarimont Simon Templar INTUCH
Tribuns Chloé Tribuns Frank Zappa INTUCH
Tribuns Janis Joplin SUCH
Madicken's Billan Rasken's Robert de Niro
Raskens Ray Charles SUCH
Rasken's Rififi SUCH
Madicken's Smarta Sabina Jegulini's Daffy-Jo'nå SUCH
Madicken's Madicken INTUCH
Drumbold's Mysiga Lottie Igloo's Gaston Igloo's Nalle Puh Igloo's Loffe INTUCH NORUCH
Snorrehus Bramble
Snorrehus Merrie FINUCH SUCH
Harleight Heidi GBCH
Drumbold's Gia Courtrai Fergus Courtrai Duncan of Lindcoly
Courtrai Tilly Trumble
Drumbold's Cickan-Bold Igloo's Nalle Puh SUCH
Gimrocks Drummy-Sain
This is my father - Raskens Reach the Top. He is 3 years old and Nordic Champion. He is a gigolo who does it for money, only to disappear very quickly afterwards, leaving hordes of defenseless women to tend to their puppies. So I have never met him. But look at that fur! Isn't he handsome? This is probably the way I will look when I grow up. Here is my mother, Drumbold's Pigga Kajsa, fondly remembered, particularly her nipples which played a major part in my early life. She looks a bit worn out on this picture. Wonder if it has something to do with having four very lively five weeks old puppies around?
Here we are munching away, all four of us. My brother Drumbold's Thyson to the right, me next and then my two sisters Thyra and Thilda. Eating is exhausting, so we needed to sleep. I am top left on this picture and we were about 5-6 weeks old when it was taken.
This is my paternal grandfather - Vanajam Bon Voyage. He was born in 1995 and is both Swedish and Danish champion. He has been best puppy at Crufts and Danish Top Stud 1998. My paternal grandmother Rasken's Respectable Robyn who was born in 1999. As you can see, my father got his beautiful brindle fur from her. She is a Swedish Champion.
Mutts of the world: Eat your hearts out, for here is my paternal great grandfather Vanajam Norse Voyger born in 1992, the only Cairn Terrier Puppy ever to win a Puppy Terrier Group at an all breed Championship show in the UK, according to Vanajam's home page. More quotes from there:

Best in Show At the Cairn Terrier Show
1st puppy dog Windsor show with Res CC, 10 months old.
1st puppy at Three Counties, with Terrier Puppy Group win.
2nd Post Graduate Birmingham National with the Res CC.
1st Limit Dog Richmond show with the CC.
1st Limit Dog S.W.W.E.C.T.C. with the Res CC.
2nd limit Dog Southern Counties with the Res CC
1st Limit Dog Windsor show with the CC
1st open Dog Paignton show with the CC and BOB.
1st Open L.K.A. with the RCC

He has 4 UK Champions and also a Swedish, Swedish/Danish, German and a USA Champions. Many more with CCs and Res CCs and his line goes on with his sons who are proving to be as good as the old man. 19 Firsts at Championships shows.
This grandpa's grandma - Vanajam Gypsy's Crystal Ball born in 1989. It seems that I may have gotten the red color in my brindle from her. I hope I'll grow to become as pretty as she is.
This is the father of my my paternal grandmother Respectable Robyn. His name is Rasken's Robinson Crusoe and he was born in 1994. He is both International and Nordic champion. Here is one of his many wives and thus the mother of my paternal grandmother Respectable Robyn, Rasken's Respectable Danish Design born in 1995. She is a Swedish champion.
I have only one picture of my mother's ancestors so far. This is her paternal grandfather, Nordic champion Tribuns Enrico Ferrari, who was born on New Year's Eve of 1991.

If you have a picture of a relative that is not found here, please send an e-mail to