Part 6: My school days.

Starting September 17, I have been taking my manservant to puppy school where an instructor teaches him how to feed me goodies. I particularly enjoyed the excercise where he gives med 20 goodies in rapid succesion saying "hit" ("here") each time. I don't know why he does that, but if it makes him happy, it is OK with me. Another useful piece of training for him is to hold goodies in his closed hand. All I have to do is to give him a quick glance and he then opens his hand. This is truly useful stuff for him and he seems to learn quickly - against all expectations.

Added on Sep 24: More useful excercises for my servant. He holds a goodie in his hand, shows it to me, turns around and promptly gives it to me when I walk around to get it. Every time I sit down, I get a goodie when I stand up. This is really nice and I'll be doing a lot of sitting.

Added on Sep 28: My servant is learning only slowly, so I took him to a full day seminar on dogs where I helped the instructor to show him how to use a clicker and feed me goodies. The clicker is to inform me that goodies are on the way, so that I don't miss it.

Me and three of my new puppy classmates: Rufus (top left), a Jack Russel Terrier, Morris (top right) a well friséed Bichon and Dudley aka Dudde, a Labrador. Dudley is named after Lord Robert Dudley, lover of Elisabeth I of England. I am in the center, as you might well expect. Here is Smilla, a Cocker Spaniel with delicious looking ears. I had to be held back from devouring them, but I'll get to them eventually.
Matisse, a Golden Retriever puppy is checking out my rear. Why do male dogs always do that? Yummy ears. Will get to them next time. I am a little bit afraid of Tudor, a Field Spaniel. He is not named after Henry V of Agincourt fame ("We few, we happy few, we band of brothers") as I had hoped, but after Henry VIII and I am concerned that he might marry me and then chop off my head. So I was not overly anxious to take part in the photo-op that my servant arranged.
My 7th and last classmate is incredibly unusual: A Podenko from Spain. There are only 15-20 of them in all of Sweden. Met one more last week, so now I know at least ten percent of all Podenkos in Sweden. She is very big for a puppy, but has a bit of a nervous disposition and is shy of strangers. The best part of school (other than their teaching my servant how to provide goodies) is the playing in the school bus on the way home. Here I am with Morris, who is - you guessed it - a Bichon Frisée.