Part 5: Meeting strange creatures. Page 14.

Part 5 has grown into a multi-page thing. This is page 14, covering the days from December 1 to modern times.

.Canaille is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The first lively and playful one I have met so far. Another gem in my collection of unsual dogs. Ria is a longhaired Dutch Shepherd, very unusual outside of Holland. She is just 11 weeks old and very cute. But she ran away when I tried to turn her upside down to chew her ear-flaps. Can't figure out what she was doing on a Stockholm street. No herds of Dutch sheep in sight.
Here is Manfred again. Last time I met him, he was munching away on a hamburger. This time, he had no hamburger, but I checked up on his ancestry instead. His paternal grandfather's grandfather is my maternal grandmother's paternal grandmother's father, a.k.a. Snorrehus Merrie. How about that? Went to a beauty parlor today. Jeanette, the beautician, have two cairns of her own Astrid (left) and Sara (right). Or perhaps I should say that they have her. Anyway, Sara's father's paternal grandfather is Sarimont Simon Templar, who is also the father of my maternal grandmother's paternal grandfather. Moreover, he is also the paternal grandfather of Astrid's paternal grandfather. Further in the background, you will find Snorrehus Merrie, so we are all related to Manfred. Handsome relatives, huh? Small wonder, with a professional beautician at hand at all times.
May I present my 3rd cousin Albin. My paternal great grandfather Vanajam Norse Voyger, the super dog, if is the father of his grandmother and he looks just like him. See for yourself! And just look at that beatutiful fur. I had another week to go before my next appointment at the beauty parlor and felt positively shabby. Very embarrassing. This is Konrad, aged 12 weeks. He has just moved into the building where I work and came to visit. Very lively type. He can't sit still for a moment, so I decided to play dead. That didn't seem to calm him down. It turned out that we have more than a dozen relatives in common including the #1 superdog Vanajam Norse Voyger. This means that Konrad is also related to my 3rd cousin Albin (left). Konrad looks just the way I did at that age.
Here are some of my closest friends. Humle, who is a Parson Jack Russel, Ronja who is a Griffon Belge and myself. Humle is eyeing me suspiciously thinking I've got the dog treats, but Ronja and I have turned on our X-ray vision to spot where the humans keep them hidden (with much success btw).